forever 21

There has been quite the buzz in Vienna about the upcoming arrival of a Forever 21.  Signs went up on Kärntnerstrasse before the holidays, but information about the opening has been scarce.


Now, I have it on good authority that the expected opening date will be sometime in March.  Even more exciting is the lastest rumor-  supposedly, a second Forever 21 store will be opening on Mariahilferstrasse as well!

Anyone who has lived in or visited Vienna knows that we are seriously lacking in shopping options.  Besides H&M and Zara, we dont have many other stores we can turn to for inexpensive and on trend items.   Forever 21 was always a “go to” spot for inexpensive pieces to compliment the rest of my wardrobe…I just hope that the inventory remains similar to what is offered in the US!

under cover

love music…all types…and for some reason i really love cover songs, especially when done by other successful artists.  there’s something really exciting and intriguing about hearing a song i like reimagined by another artist.  today, i’d like to share two covers of cheryl cole songs- i like cheryl’s versions, but the covers take both of the songs to another level.  enjoy!

Parachutes by Ingrid Michaelson

(interesting note: Ingrid is actually the co-writer of the song and chose to let another singer record it because she didnt think she “could pull it off.”)

Promise This by Adele

I LOVE Adele…she could sing the phonebook and make it sound soulful.  I love her take on this song!

okay, so maybe it’s not the worst news…but it’s pretty sad.  I have been having stomach problems for almost a year now.  I went to 4 different doctors back in the US- none of which could accurately diagnose me.  After explaining my symptoms and problems to a colleague in Vienna, she recommended her internist to me.  To make a long story short, after several tests and procedures, it was discovered that I am highly lactose intolerant.  I have a meeting with my doctor tomorrow to discuss all of the test results and what my new diet should look like…I know it could be worse and that there are many lactose free/soy products on the market, but it seems like ALL of my favorite foods contain dairy in some this will be quite the lifestyle adjustment 😦



It was around this time in 2009 that I visited Copenhagen, Denmark.  The trip was a small reunion with friends I’d made while studying in Thailand.  If I had to choose my favorite experience while visiting Denmark, it would most definitely be my trip to see “Den lille havfrue(The Little Mermaid), based on the famous Hans Christian Andersen story.  I was a fan of the Disney version as a little girl and had big dreams of living “under the sea.” 🙂

(me in front of the Little Mermaid Statue-Copenhagen, January 2009)



If someone would have told me last year that I would like waking up at 8am on a Sunday to attend a Hot Yoga course, I would have laughed my booty off.  My, how things change!  Along with two girl friends, I’ve been attending yoga courses at an amazing place in Vienna for the last couple weeks.  I used to be a go-to-the-gym-once-a-year girl, but I can really see myself sticking with this.   To celebrate my newfound love, I decided to “get serious” and purchase a yoga bag to go with my pretty pink yoga mat.  So, imagine my delight while shopping on Saturday and I happened to pass a Tchibo store declaring “Mach mal Yoga!” from the window.  I was able to purchase this sweet bag– for the even sweeter price of just 16.90 Euro.  Score!

You snooze, you lose.

I found this amazing Lipsy dress on sale at the other day…I put it into my shopping cart on Wednesday night and went back  to purchase it  Thursday afternoon and it was already out of stock 😦  I checked ebay, but it’s being sold for full price.  Gosh darnit.  Should I go ahead and purchase it? Decision, decisions…

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!  I’ll be posting about my adventures (and the eventual mishaps!) in traveling, baking, fashion and life as an expat in Vienna.  Now,  let’s get this show on the road…