froyo in wien!

As an American living in Vienna, I can tell you that while ice cream and gelato options are in no short supply, what I was really missing was frozen yogurt.  The bf’s family and I even toyed around with the idea of opening our own froyo shop but ultimatley decided against it as we werent sure the idea would really catch on here enough to be profitable.  So, imagine my surprise when not one but THREE new frozen yogurt shops have popped up in the last month or so!

Kurt Pure Frozen Yogurt is located in the 1st district right by the Artis International Cinema-  The location is fabulous (probably the best of the 3) and the store itself is super cute.  One of the owners is a woman from San Diego, California and you can definitely see the Cali influence in the interior design.  The bf, my mom (who was in town visiting) and I stopped by last week to check it out.  Unfortunately for me, they do not carry any soy or lactose free options, so I was unable to try anything.  However, both the bf and my mother were very impressed. and said theirs were delish.  The store also offers a nice customer loyalty program.  If you collect enough of the little discs (pictured below on the side of the yogurt cup) you will get a free froyo.

For those that understand German, you can read a more in depth review on a fellow blogger’s site, here.

The other two stores I have heard of are Foxy Frozen Yogurt and YOKUH.  I have yet to visit them but their homepages look promising.  I am hoping for at least one place to have a soy/lactose free option so that I am able to eat some too 🙂

It will be interesting to see how these shops cope with the cold winter months!


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