vegan ice cream.

I had been hearing nothing but good things about a new(ish) ice cream store that opened up on Rottenturmstrasse called Eis Greissler.  They use bio, all natural ingredients without any artificial colors, ingredients, etc.  As an added bonus, I heard that they have lactose free ice cream, so of course I wanted to try it!  Every time I passed by there was a long line and I am not a fan of waiting in lines…but lucky for me, I was walking by with the bf the other afternoon and there were only two people in the store.  Score!  We jumped at the chance and headed right in.  

I discovered that while they do not have strictly lactose free varieties, they offer several vegan options, which are also just fine for me and my milk-hating tummy.  I ordered a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of pistachio.  The strawberry was great but nothing to write home about…it was more of a sorbet but with real strawberry bits.  However, the pistachio was TO DIE FOR.  This is coming from a girl who has never even been a big fan of the flavor.  It was so creamy and delicious and even the bf had to agree that you absolutely could not tell that it wasnt ”real” ice cream.  

Speaking of the bf, he is a lucky duck with no dietary restrictions, so he was able to try Caramel, Muffin and Goatcheese flavors.  That’s right, I said goatcheese.  I took a teeny bite and wow- it was so interesting but so good.  I also couldnt resist trying a bit of the muffin and it was my fave.  It made me curse my intolerance but then I took another bite of my pistachio and my sadness magically melted away 🙂


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