pink dream.

I created this inspiration board with images I found on Style Me Pretty.  This is the vibe I’m aiming for with our wedding…What do you think?  Does this look like a good mix between rustic/glam/cozy/cute?

vera wang: dress review

My dear sister was a good sport and went to David’s Bridal just to humor me and try on the bridesmaid’s dress I mentioned here.  As suspected, it does NOT look fabulous on a “real” body.  My sister is tiny…she’s only about 5 ft 2 in (on a good day) tall and about 100 lbs, but the dress makes her look like a box!  It completely overwhelms her small frame.  Take a look:

(all images by jetsetbarbie)

If I were an evil Bridezilla, I could totally pick this dress for the girls, hehe.  However, I am a  nice bride and am letting them all choose their own dresses 😉

save the date.

Here is a proof of our save the date (with some info omitted)- what do you think?  We originally planned on making them as a “diy” project but coordinating  from another continent has proved to be a bit too much for my nerves…It was totally worth it to spend the extra $100 for peace of mind that everything would look the same , right?  We used Magnet Street and have to say, we were not super impressed with the quality of the finished product, however, they serve their purpose 😉

circle of love.

Has anyone been to a wedding with a circular seating arrangement?  The future hubby and I are planning on arranging our seats like this (we’re just waiting on confirmation from the venue that there is enough space).  We think it’s a nice idea- everyone will hopefully have a better view of us and will be able to hear our vows more easily.  As an added bonus, the birds eye view looks pretty fabulous 😉

This is an example of how we hope to set up our seating:

(photo by the amazing Sergio Photographer)

So, what do you think?  Would you consider a circle for your ceremony seating?

diy: save the dates

Anyone planning a wedding knows that every little thing adds up.  My fiance and I are already over our budget and have been looking for ways to cut out unnecessary expenses without compromising quality.  We wanted to order magnet save-the-dates and hire a photographer to take the pics.  Unfortunately, all photographers we contacted were very expensive so we decided to ask a family friend with a nice camera to take our pics.  We took some really fun pictures in an amusement park and are very happy with the results.

We will use photoshop to add text to the image and then print 4 x 6 cards via a company called Overnightprints.  Once we get the cards, we will buy a roll of magnet tape, cut strips and stick them onto the back of the cards.  Voila!  Magnet save the dates for about $120 less than we would have had to pay had we ordered them as magnets straight off.

Here is one of my favorite pictures from our photo shoot…we wont be using it for the save-the-dates but I still love it very much 🙂