vera wang: dress review

My dear sister was a good sport and went to David’s Bridal just to humor me and try on the bridesmaid’s dress I mentioned here.  As suspected, it does NOT look fabulous on a “real” body.  My sister is tiny…she’s only about 5 ft 2 in (on a good day) tall and about 100 lbs, but the dress makes her look like a box!  It completely overwhelms her small frame.  Take a look:

(all images by jetsetbarbie)

If I were an evil Bridezilla, I could totally pick this dress for the girls, hehe.  However, I am a  nice bride and am letting them all choose their own dresses 😉



  1. Hey! I was searching for this dress and found your blog! I was actually looking for MOH dress… and on the “picture” it looks amazing!!! Thanks for the heads up…. It’s kinda of a bit disappointing when you see it on a real body! My bestfriend is also roughly 5″3 and 120. and I wouldn’t want her to look like a box!


  1. […] this post about my lovely sister trying on the Vera Wang bridesmaid dress that I fell in love with after […]

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