oatmeal dream dress.

(image by jetsetbarbie)

So, my wedding dress search was in full force last week while I was in Arizona for other wedding related appointments.  I came across this GORGEOUS oatmeal (yes, that’s really the name of the color) dress by Watters and fell in l-o-v-e.  The color is so dreamy and the detailing on the back is so romantic.  I was so torn between this and another dress and have ultimately decided to pass on this one but it was too pretty not to share 🙂  What do you think?  Would you pick a non-traditional color for your wedding gown?



  1. This dress is to die for!

    • Thanks! I am seriously having a hard time making peace with the decision not to get it :/ I would have had to make some major adjustments to my color scheme though…it’s one of the colors I told my bridesmaids they can wear!

  2. I wore this dress for my wedding. It’s so unique and fab!

    • Oh I’m so jealous! I am sure it was amazing. What color(s) did you pick for the bridesmaids?

    • How did your wedding pics turn out? I just put down a deposit on this dress in otmeal but am concerned I won’t look like a bride in the pics and instead just a guest..

      • Hi Jenn-
        I’m not getting married until April and actually didn’t end up with this dress. I absolutely love it and love the color but it would not have worked with the colors I chose (my bridesmaids are wearing all neutrals like blush, pale grey, nude, etc). I think it’s the most fabulous dress though and you will look great!

  3. Hello! I absolutely love that color! The dress is beautiful… I’m planning my wedding, but I’m on a budget… Would it be possible to tell me how much is that dress?

    Thank you

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