exciting news!

Good morning!

Starting next week, yours truly will be a guest blogger on one of my FAVORITE wedding blogs.  I couldnt be more excited!  Stay tuned for more info.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a picture of a dress I passed on but have still been dreaming about.

It’s a St. Patrick dress from the 2012 Glamour collection.  The style is “Rima” and I think it’s just beautiful.



  1. Hi ! Is it the dress you choose? I love it ….

  2. I loved seeing you in the gown (the one from san patricks 2012 glamour collection) am havibg my wedding in october this year and would love to wear something like that. Am in ghana and would welcome advise on how to get my hands on a lovely gown like that.

  3. I purchased the 2012 San Patrick Rima and can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day 12/27/2012. It looks beautiful on you!


  1. […] that exciting news I mentioned the other week?  Well, I am proud to share with you my very first guest blog post on […]

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