frosted sugar cookies.

(festive Christmas cookies)

(pre frosting)

(hard at work-excuse the  mess! 🙂 )

(all images by jetsetbarbie)

Something about the holidays brings on a craving for sugar cookies.  I generally don’t love to make them but come December I start itching for the soft, sugary+buttery goodness of a freshly baked and frosted sugar cookie.  I use the same recipes for the cookie and frosting every year- they are virtually foolproof  and produce yummy results every time.  So why don’t I make them more often?  I am too impatient!  I hate waiting around for the dough to chill (overnight is best) and I am not a skilled decorator.  My cookies tend to look like a 5 year old made them but I’m okay with it 😉  Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie?



  1. Cherry bells! They have pecans and cherries and are the best!

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