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If you’ve been keeping up with my planning, you already know that my bridesmaids will be wearing mismatched dresses.  Well, we’ve decided to go down that path with the groomsmen as well.  The decision came about more out of necessity rather than desire because all 4 groomsmen will be traveling to the wedding (2 from Austria, 1 from Illinois and 1 from California) so it was impossible to get them all together to try on suits.  The rental options for our desired color (grey) were slim to none and we did not want to pick out a suit that each guy “had” to buy since they’re already paying for travel related expenses.

We tossed around the idea of having all groomsmen wear black since they all had their own black suits and then hubby-to-be would wear a grey suit.  We imagined it looking something like this:

or possibly even like this

However, I wasn’t really sold on this idea because I didn’t think black suits would look as nice with the bridesmaids in their blush/nude/softer colored dresses.

We then decided to just ask the guys if they already own a medium grey suit- luckily, two already did and two had no problem finding one to buy (and for less than a rental, score!).  They’re not all the same color but hopefully they will all compliment each other.  I don’t think they’ll vary as much as the colors below but even if they do, I think we’ll be okay since these guys look fabulous, right?!

Full post and credits can be found here.


  1. madirosc says:

    …so just imagine how spectacular OUR guys will look!

  2. Absolutely….Love the idea!!

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