Gifts for the Girls.| Engaged & Inspired.

This week I featured my ideas for bridesmaids gifts over at Engaged & Inspired.  Some of my picks for possible gifts are above.  I am trying to stay away from items that can only be used for the wedding.  Coming up with ideas has been harder than I thought!  So ladies, help me out.  Have you started planning gifts for your girls?  Have you set a budget?  Ever been a bridesmaid and received a gift that you loved? Or maybe one that you didnt love so much (it’s okay, we wont tell….).

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mustache monday.

(credits: Toms, flasks, s-t-d, lip balm, cookie cutter, glasses, favors)

(credits: pillow cases, card, ring, onesie, gift wrap)

Love it or hate it, the mustache movement is still hot.  While the trend is certainly not new, it has gained even more exposure since the introduction of “Movember.”   I’ve rounded up my favorite ‘stache goodies that would be perfect for gifting this holiday season or incorporating in to your wedding style.  What do you think of this trend?  Is it here to stay or on its way out?