road trip: day 2

We’re in Tucumcari, New Mexico…so close to AZ yet so far away! We plan on getting up extra early tomorrow and as long as I can keep up the same pace with driving, we should arrive at our new home tomorrow evening. I can’t wait!


road trip: day 1

Howdy from Emporia, Kansas! We drove 9.5 hours today on our way to Arizona (check out the map above to see the path we’ve traveled so far). Random fact that I learned today: At one time it was against the law to serve ice cream on cherry pie in Kansas. Ciao!

Turkey- June 2011

I spent an amazing week in Turkey with the bf and his family.  We stayed at the Robinson Club Pamfilya, an all inclusive resort that was absolutely wonderful.  I’d highly recommend it for anyone traveling as a family with kids.

vegas baby.

I’m off to Vegas in the morning- cant wait!  Have a great weekend everyone! I’m sure I’ll have lots to share upon my return 🙂

bella roma

(image by jetsetbarbie)

The Colosseum at night…breathtaking, isnt it?  More pics to come…

is it friday yet?

I apologize for my silence the last few days…things have been pretty hectic at work and I’ve been busy coordinating with friends in Arizona for our friend’s bachelorette party (taking place in Vegas next weekend).  I’ve also been counting down the days until we leave for Rome.  We’re leaving this Friday after I get off of work.  I cannot wait!  We will only be there until Sunday evening…if anyone has any advice on what is a must see during that short time, please let me know!



It was around this time in 2009 that I visited Copenhagen, Denmark.  The trip was a small reunion with friends I’d made while studying in Thailand.  If I had to choose my favorite experience while visiting Denmark, it would most definitely be my trip to see “Den lille havfrue(The Little Mermaid), based on the famous Hans Christian Andersen story.  I was a fan of the Disney version as a little girl and had big dreams of living “under the sea.” 🙂

(me in front of the Little Mermaid Statue-Copenhagen, January 2009)