gossip girl goes gaga for vera.

Remember this post about my lovely sister trying on the Vera Wang bridesmaid dress that I fell in love with after seeing it in a magazine?  That is…until I saw the very strange details on the back and what it looks like on a real body… Well, I was totally amused the other day when I saw this still from an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl.

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Since this image was released a couple of days ago, sales of the dress skyrocketed.  In fact, David’s Bridal Online is sold out of all colors except midnight blue (and only sizes 10 and up are available).  Sad news for all of you hoping to recreate Ms. B’s wedding but honestly, I think it’s a blessing in disguise 😉  No one wants a weird butt…not even if it’s Vera!


vera wang: dress review

My dear sister was a good sport and went to David’s Bridal just to humor me and try on the bridesmaid’s dress I mentioned here.  As suspected, it does NOT look fabulous on a “real” body.  My sister is tiny…she’s only about 5 ft 2 in (on a good day) tall and about 100 lbs, but the dress makes her look like a box!  It completely overwhelms her small frame.  Take a look:

(all images by jetsetbarbie)

If I were an evil Bridezilla, I could totally pick this dress for the girls, hehe.  However, I am a  nice bride and am letting them all choose their own dresses 😉

vera wang dress.

I saw this Vera Wang for David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress in a magazine and fell in LOVE.

I thought my sister (my M.O.H.) would look fabulous in it…until I went online and saw the back of it.

What is up with the two “cheeks?!”  Is it just me or doesnt it look a little (okay, a lot) weird?  I guess it’s back to the drawing board…