well hello there winter.

I left the house this morning and there was not a flake of snow to be seen…but after just a few minutes in to my drive to work (which is up a mountain) I was surrounded by these pretty white trees.  It’s a winter wonderland up here yet you would have no idea if you live just a few minutes down the hill.  It’s been a really strange winter so far…relatively mild but with sudden bursts of snow that seem to disappear just as quickly as they came.


♫♪ it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas ♫♪

Just a few personal pics from around the city that we’ve taken the last week or so…it’s so magical around here this time of year! I hope it’s just as lovely wherever you are 🙂

(photos by jetsetbarbie)

The top city to live in is…Vienna!

“For the third successive year, Vienna was ranked number one as European cities claimed more than half of the top 25 positions in Mercer’s 2011 Quality of Living index, which awards points for a range of criteria, including political and economic stability, culture, health and sanitation, quality of schools, public services and housing.”- Paul Armstrong, CNN

Even though I’ll be moving back to the US in just a few short months, Vienna will always feel like a second home.  It is with great pleasure that I share this wonderful news with you 🙂

For the full article, head on over to:  The top city to live in is … – Business 360 – CNN.com Blogs.