hello friday!

Event though the weather is extremely gloomy in Vienna, it’s almost impossible not to be in a good mood when listening to this song by Martin Solveig and featuring Dragonette.  Love it!

Happy Friday everyone- I’m off to Rome after work 🙂

under cover

love music…all types…and for some reason i really love cover songs, especially when done by other successful artists.  there’s something really exciting and intriguing about hearing a song i like reimagined by another artist.  today, i’d like to share two covers of cheryl cole songs- i like cheryl’s versions, but the covers take both of the songs to another level.  enjoy!

Parachutes by Ingrid Michaelson

(interesting note: Ingrid is actually the co-writer of the song and chose to let another singer record it because she didnt think she “could pull it off.”)

Promise This by Adele

I LOVE Adele…she could sing the phonebook and make it sound soulful.  I love her take on this song!