for my yogis.

A friend sent this to me the other week and I’m still in awe.  I can’t imagine that I’ll ever be able to reach her level but I’m certainly inspired!  PS:  How does she make it look so easy?!



If someone would have told me last year that I would like waking up at 8am on a Sunday to attend a Hot Yoga course, I would have laughed my booty off.  My, how things change!  Along with two girl friends, I’ve been attending yoga courses at an amazing place in Vienna for the last couple weeks.  I used to be a go-to-the-gym-once-a-year girl, but I can really see myself sticking with this.   To celebrate my newfound love, I decided to “get serious” and purchase a yoga bag to go with my pretty pink yoga mat.  So, imagine my delight while shopping on Saturday and I happened to pass a Tchibo store declaring “Mach mal Yoga!” from the window.  I was able to purchase this sweet bag– for the even sweeter price of just 16.90 Euro.  Score!